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Become an Affiliate

LEON sports betting offers an exclusive affiliate program: you can make money with EVERY bet - won or lost by the invited player, claiming your share of the bookmaker's turnover absolutely risk-free!

Calculating the affiliate's profit

To estimate the average profit made on a player's bet we take to apply the following formula:

Profit = Margin * Stake * ( Odd - 1 ) / ( 0.975 * Odd - Margin )

Profit - average house profit on bet
Odd - odd for the outcome
Margin - average margin put on the line = 0.075.

The affiliate will be earning 20-40% of the average bet profit. The affiliate's profit rate depends on the total amount of bets made by the players, that the affiliate has introduced. The breakdown is listed in the table below.

Total stake: 0-4999 USD 20%
Total stake: 5000-9999 USD 30%
Total stake: > 10000 USD 40%

Affiliate members

The affiliate membership is open to any person aged 18 and above, having registered on LEON sports betting. You can advertise LEON sports betting on the Internet, or recommend us to your friends and get a profit on the bets of those players, who came through your affiliate links, or registered using your bonus code.

Site owners are provided with all the necessary advertising materials such as banners, links, etc.

Becoming a LEON sports betting affiliate

1. If you do not have an account yet, you need to register on LEON sports betting.

To start working with your affiliate account, log in to the system and follow the "Affiliate account" link (on the first login you will be asked to confirm your agreement with the Affiliate Program Rules). After that your affiliate account is considered active and you may begin to invite new players.
2. If you own a website, you can embed an affiliate link or a LEON sports betting banner. Any player that came from your site, will earn you money. The Affiliate links and banners are available on the Advertising materials page of your account.

You can also link your site to LEON sports gaming with a bonus code (bonus codes can be generated as soon as you activate the affiliate account). Any player, having registered with your bonus code, will give you a chance to earn profit.
3. You can tell your friends about LEON sports gaming, and if the player mentions your bonus code in the registration form, you will profit of his bets.

You get 20-40% of the average profit, gained from any bet made by the player, registering under your bonus code, or coming from your website.

Affiliate Program Rules


1. General clauses
2. Affiliate account
3. Inviting players
4. Calculation of profit
5. Profit withdrawal
6. Restrictions

  1. 1. General clauses

  2. 1.1 The LEON sports betting company (LEON), runs the Affiliate Program (Program) in accordance with the Affiliate Program Rules (Rules).
    1.2 Using the Program, the Affiliate is entitled to earn profit from the bets, placed by the players he brings in.
    1.3 Any person reaching 18 years of age is eligible for participation in the Program. The violation of this provision is solely the registrants responsibility.
    1.4 Participation in the Program implies the acceptance of Rules.

  3. 2. Affiliate account

  4. 2.1 To start taking part in the Program, the affiliate must register on the LEON website and activate his/her Affiliate account.
    2.2 To activate the Affiliate account, it is necessary to confirm agreeing with the Rules.

  5. 3. Inviting players

  6. 3.1 The affiliate gets a profit on every bet made by the invited player, apart from the bets that were declared void.
    3.2 The affiliate gets a profit on a players bets, if the latter referred to the affiliates bonus code during the registration or came to LEON website through the affiliate link. If a player appears on LEON through the affiliate link, the affiliates account number is saved by the browser in a cookie, and transmitted to LEON during the registration. LEON shall bear no responsibility in connection with the link loss caused by the players actions (removal of cookie, etc.).

  7. 4. Calculation of the profit

  8. 4.1 The affiliate earns a rate on the average profit derived from all of the player's bets, except those cancelled.
    The average bet profit is calculated as follows:

    Profit = Margin * Stake * ( Odd - 1 ) / ( 0.975 * Odd - Margin )

    Profit - average house profit on bet
    Odd - odds for the outcome
    Margin - average margin put on the line = 0.075.

    4.2 The affiliate receives 20 up to 40 percent of each bets average profit. The starting percentage is 20.
    As soon as the sum of all players bets reaches USD 5 000 (or equivalent in players bet currency), the percentage goes up to 30.
    As soon as the sum of all players bets reaches USD 10 000 (or equivalent in players bet currency), the percentage is raised to 40.

    The affiliates profit rate depending on the total stake

    $0-4999 20%
    $5000-9999 30%
    > $10000 40%

    4.3 The profit on a bet is transferred to the affiliates pending balance immediately after the bet calculation.
    4.4 The profit remains on the pending balance for the duration of 3 days. After that the amount is transferred to the account balance, and may be requested for withdrawal, or used for betting at LEON.

  9. 5. Profit withdrawal

  10. 5.1 The affiliate may request a funds' withdrawal by any method supported by the LEON website.

  11. 6. Restrictions

  12. 6.1 The affiliate shall ensure that the content of their advertisements:
    • is based on fact and is not false, deceptive or misleading in any way;
    • is not indecent or offensive, and does not contradict law;
    • is delivered by legitimate means and is not a form of spam.
    LEON reserves the right to terminate the agreement if any of the foregoing is violated.
    6.2 The affiliate shall not advertise LEON websites and services in the following excluded territories:
    • United States of America
    • Israel
    • France
    • United Kingdom
    • Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake
    6.3 LEON may verify the traffic sources and deny a profit payout in case routing was obtained using forbidden methods.
    6.4 LEON reserves the right to review the Programs terms and conditions one-sidedly.

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